Mailbox Club Int'l

Daryl & Ruth ShaferDarryl and Ruth are “lifetime” Christians in the sense that they both came to saving faith in the Lord Jesus Christ in their pre-teen years. They also share the blessing of growing up in Christian homes where faithfulness to the Word of God and the fellowship of the Body of Christ carried a first priority.

This couple met during college at LeTourneau University in Longview, Texas. Although against parental advice, they were married in 1967, two years before Darryl graduated. Ruth spent those two years working to “put hubby through”. The mechanical engineering degree Darryl earned took him into the world of dry cell battery manufacturing where he worked to design and build automatic assembly machines and systems in that industry.

The engineering career lasted for 23 years while God gave Darryl & Ruth a family of two sons and a daughter. Their spiritual life matured along with their family as the Lord used them to minister in small and sometimes struggling churches wherever they lived. The moving for business reasons began in Ohio and then to Vermont for over 10 years. Their transfer to Iowa in 1985 lasted 3 years and ended with a change of companies and a move to Valdosta, Georgia.

As God works His plan out in our lives He allows us to meet choice servants like George B. Eager who was directing the ministry of The Mailbox Club. The engineering work in Valdosta was short lived and followed by 3 years in the Atlanta, GA area. By the time that job also disappeared God had brought Darryl and Ruth to a place in their spiritual growth and walk with Him that they could hear His call to full time service in His harvest field. That call was voiced by George Eager and confirmed by God’s Word and Holy Spirit as He spoke to Darryl’s heart and mind.

Although full time ministry for the Lord Jesus Christ was a hard concept for Darryl to embrace he became fully convinced of God’s call on his life and yielded all the forebodings to his Lord. God supplied adequate support for this “new” middle aged missionary couple so that by August 1, 1993 they found themselves fully engaged in His service at The Mailbox Club Int’l. Darryl took on responsibilities as “Office Administrator” and Ruth became “Manager of the Lesson Department” which is now called the “Discipleship Center” of The Mailbox Club.

Darryl has been instrumental in “computerizing” the ministry’s office functions and communications capability worldwide and in this capacity now serves as Technical Services Manager. The upgrading and updating of this web site is just on of many projects under his direction; we trust you are enjoying it.  Keeping all things current on the website is never done and speaks to the need of a full time in-house Web Master and "Media" expert.

In 2012 Ruth had to retire from her Manager position and the ministry due to developing health issues.  She has more recently been diagnosed with Parkinson's disease and now ministers by prayer alone for the work and the workers who carry on daily. 

Our current support level is good and we are blessed with a wonderful and faithful support team!  Yet, there is always a need and opportunity for more helpers by prayer and by giving.  Will you join us and be part of our Team?  Thank you in Jesus name!

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