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Change for Children

November 30, 2012

We are praying for 1000 donors to give $1 a day to help meet the need of the children in 2013. That would be $365,000. This is not a gimmick - there are real children we want to reach and see transformed by the power of Christ!

In February 2011, a team from the US including The Mailbox Club visited a feeding program in northern Nicaragua. To get to the village located beside a trash dump, we drove down a dirt road with raw sewerage pouring out into the road. The village was a squatter’s community of desperate people surviving by scavenging through the garbage to recycle plastic, metal, etc.

While some of our team played with the children, others helped cook a meal consisting of beans, rice and chicken’s feet and heads. That was all my friend Oscar - who runs the program - could afford. The children lined up their empty bowls and then went into the open air church to hear Oscar and Evelyn (from TMC) give a children’s program and offer TMC lessons. Afterwards, there was a stampede to get to the “chow line!” Please see the video clip on our website at www.mailboxclub.org !

This is just one of Oscar’s feeding programs! He ministers regularly to 9,750 children! His desire is to feed the children, not just physically, but spiritually as well. What an incredible opportunity to reach almost 10,000 children and their families with the Good News! Imagine my position of not having the funds to help this dear brother serving Jesus on the battlefront!

This is just one example of many, many opportunities we have - but cannot fund - from here to Indonesia to Central Asia to countries throughout Africa and South America.

On behalf of hundreds of thousands of children who need to hear the Gospel at least once, we plead with you to prayerfully consider giving to meet these needs. For less than $2 per child, we can supply Bible lessons to precious children for a year. Whether you give $30 a month or $50 or $100, we appreciate your support of this Gospel ministry to children! DONATE!

Our brochure "Change for Children" can help you share this need with others. Click here to download!

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"I am a Pastor in a local church. I am also the Principal of this school of plus minus 600 children. We have seen the change in our children’s behaviour because of the teaching of these lessons. I want to thank you for partnering with us to help our children to be reached for Christ. Please continue to send the lessons as God permits you” - E, Angola

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