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“Why Children?” from a Christian Perspective

By John Mark Eager

1.   Jesus commanded us to reach boys and girls! In Mark 10:14-15, Jesus said,“Let the little children come to Me, and do not forbid them; for of such is the kingdom of God. Assuredly, I say to you, whoever does not receive the kingdom of God as a little child will by no means enter it.”

If for no other reason, we should simply obey the Word of God and the direct command of Christ! As we obey Him and not become a hindrance to the children coming to the Lord Jesus, we find tremendous wisdom in His Words and understand just how strategic reaching the children really is!

2.   Children are the greatest harvest field in the world. Children are pliable and simply take God as His Word. Adults have great difficulty bending the knee and coming to Christ in simple, child-like faith. Adults often become proud from success or broken from the tragedies of life. Barna’s research should come as no surprise!

3.   Children are the largest, most unreached people group in the world.While the surging population of children in the world is approaching 2 billion, sadly, estimates are that sixty to eighty percent of the Church’s global resources go to everything but children’s ministries.

4.   Children, if won to Christ and properly discipled, can lead long, fruitful lives for the Lord.Pastor Charles H. Spurgeon, Bible commentator Matthew Henry, teacher John Calvin, preacher Jonathan Edwards, song writer Isaac Watts, missionary Robert Moffett, evangelist Paul Rader, writer Corrie ten Boom, pastor Oswald Chambers, missionary Jim Elliot, evangelist Leighton Ford, evangelist’s wife and writer Ruth Bell Graham, teacher Stephen Olford, medical doctor James Dobson, to name a few, were saved as children and each served the Lord for decades!

A century ago, the great evangelist, D.L. Moody, was asked as he was leaving an evangelistic meeting, “How many were saved tonight?” Moody replied, “Two and a half.” The friend said, “You mean two adults and one child?” Moody wisely said, “No, two children and one adult!” D.L. Moody understood the value of having a long life to live for the Lord Jesus!

Charles H. Spurgeon wrote in Words of Counsel for Christian Workers, “The earlier a soul has light the shorter is its night of darkness, so the earlier in life salvation comes to the heart the better, and greater is the benediction. To receive the dew of grace while we are yet in the dew of youth is a double boon . . . I hope that you pray for the conversion of children as children, and are working to that end by the Spirit’s gracious aid. If you are doing so, I know not of any service more fit to engage the angels of heaven if they could be permitted to undertake it . . . We may not set one work against another, but at any rate, we may count ourselves happy if our sphere is among the young. Let us gather the rosebuds for Jesus.”  (Spurgeon, Words of Counsel for Christian Workers, p. 92)

5. Children make great missionaries – NOW! Children overflow with excitement as they eagerly share the Good News of Jesus Christ with their family members and friends! The Mailbox Club has received many testimonies from around the world of people who came to Christ because of the influence of children who have come to know the Savior! Below are some examples:


I am from Hindu family. My parents always pray and offer flowers and money to many Hindu gods. I did not like it. When I came to know about this Mailbox Club lessons through my friend Samuel, I liked it doing the lessons. Then I asked many questions to my friend regarding Jesus, especially I asked him that why Christian people don’t offer any thing in temple? He replied, because Jesus already died for our sin, and we do not have to bow down before a temple. Now I accepted Jesus and I have become His follower. Thank you Samuel and Mailbox Club.


I am 11 years old. I am a Christian but Mailbox Club has helped me to preach to other people the Word of God. My friends have stopped stealing and insulting me because they now know that Jesus does not like sin. Mailbox Club has also helped me to preach to 200 pupils and more at my school. Thank you.


In our family Christian religion is forbidden. Since I show the Mailbox Club lessons to my Dad, he is the one who reads it first, then he explains it to me and my little sister of 5. After the 10 lessons, everyone in our family gave their life to Jesus. I remember what is written in the lesson, “Believe in Jesus that you and your house will be saved . . . Acts 16:31”.



I brought my brother to . . . to do the Mailbox Club lessons. Even the local teacher invited me to come and sit during the teaching of the lessons to children. I was very inspired by the teachings and on my request they let me do the lessons. I do not mention my religion but all I can say is I have wasted my time by not knowing the true God. Now I know true God and He lives in me. I am 32 years. For sure I know the rest of my life will be different than the past.


I’m thankful that I trusted the Lord Jesus as my Savior while studying the Explorers Bible lessons. I invited my parents to go to church with me and thank God they also received the Lord Jesus in their hearts.


My daughter told me about The Mailbox Club Bible lessons she was studying at church. I asked her if it was just for children. She replied, “No, if you want to study them with me that would be great.” As I didn’t want her to go to church by herself, I decided to go with her. When I was there I felt some uneasiness, because I was the only adult in the class. But as I continued attending those meetings, I started to realize how much God loves me and cares for me. After studying the 6th lesson, I found out that I needed to trust the Lord Jesus as my Savior. I made a sincere prayer of repentance and now my daughter and I serve our Lord at church. That was the best thing that happened to me this year. I hope to continue studying [God’s Word] with my daughter.


In Shyogwe Parish, children having understood through Mailbox Club lessons that God loves them, they learnt how to give themselves to the needy among them, especially the orphan in different ways (like giving them distributing soaps, sugar, fetching water for them, food, a little money some 500 Francs to one of them who is HIV and Aids positive, etc.). Mailbox Club lessons are very good, but very few to use them in all our parishes. We have so many children, therefore, we need many lessons (just in Anglican Church) at least 10,000 copies to start with.


The children in our church became more attentive and focused to their lessons. They arrived on time and very eager to bring their siblings and friends to the church which resulted in an increase in our attendance. Even our young adults (teenagers) took the lessons seriously and they were challenged to serve as teachers and assistant teachers to the younger children. As a result, many of our church members became more willing to serve in whatever way they can. We were able to start a Bible Study Center for children. Many of them became more respectful to their parents and older people and more focused in their studies. The people in the community, especially the parents, acknowledged the good results that they are seeing with their children. Little by little, out of curiosity or by working of the Holy Spirit, many of the parents started attending our cell groups, Bible studies, prayer meetings and Sunday worship services.

6. Children are our future. Over and over again we hear and read about graduates of The Mailbox Club serving Jesus as adults – pastors, deacons, elders, missionaries, business and government leaders.


Thanks to a [website] link from a friend, I just enrolled my kids in your program. I think this is the same one I did as a child in the early 80s . . . and I loved getting the lessons in the mail, studying them, and mailing back the answers. I am excited that my children might have the same opportunity. Thanks for keeping this going!


I am a 41 year-old mother of three. When I was in middle school, I got saved. Someone, to this day I still don’t know who, enrolled me in The Mailbox Club. I absolutely loved it!! My parents were not faithful church-goers, so my learning was limited from church. Yet, I craved biblical knowledge and understanding. The Mailbox Club helped me so very much! Then, tonight, I was on the Internet searching for a picture of the books of the Bible and, to my surprise and amazement, this website pops up! After looking over the site and reminiscing, I immediately signed my oldest two children up to receive the lessons. I am thrilled and excited for them. I remember how I would look so forward to receiving my lessons in the mail. I only hope and pray that my boys will learn as much as I did. Thank you so much for the ministry you provide!


Hi there. I was just doing some spring cleaning and ran across an envelope from The Mailbox Club! This correspondence is one of the few things I chose to keep from my youth because of its significance. I still have the first lesson that I completed and I cherish it because of the last question. The question asked, ‘Have you received the Lord Jesus Christ as your Savior?’ And my response was, ‘Yes. Today.’ This was in July of 1975. Oh, how I wish I had written the actual date rather than ‘today’, because I cannot remember it. Regardless, I will always remember the moment when I turned to Christ for salvation and the joy that resulted. Thank you for your ministry and all you have done to help me and others grow in Christ.


I am 60 years old. When I went to elementary school in a little Georgia community called Patmos, George B. Eager came to my third grade class and introduced us to the Mailbox Club.  I may still have my certificates from lessons I took through the mail until I graduated high school in Newton, GA.  Mailbox Club meant a lot to me. I learned so much about the Bible that helped me through the years. I appreciate those who diligently graded my papers and sent me encouraging notes. My husband and I became missionaries … My husband is now president of [a mission organization] and he travels the world visiting our missionaries and ministering the Word of God. Thanks so much to you for your wonderful ministry. I am writing a letter to my grandniece, and I am telling her about the Mailbox Club. I would love for her to receive your lessons as I did. (Her father is in prison.)

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